Having just returned from Gettysburg PA, I've found a renewed interest in Civil War history. In fact, Gettysburg makes me want to explore the histories of every location I visit. I mean, every city and town on Earth has a history, and there's a good deal of it that's haunted...or, at least, REPORTEDLY haunted.

But hey, that's good enough for any paranormal investigator, many of whom hit the jackpot in the southern United States BECAUSE of the Civil War. We have a lot of ghosts south of the Mason-Dixon Line and a lot of locations they like to haunt.

Haunted in Kentucky -- Octagon Hall in Franklin

One such building is a huge treat for both historians AND thrill-seeking ghost hunters, and you can find in picturesque Franklin KY, another of the Commonwealth's charming small towns. It's called Octagon Hall and it is PACKED with dark history...and a few spirits that make things go "bump" in the night. There's certainly enough going on there to attract the attention of the streaming series Paranormal Quest:

Well, I'm convinced. That was really creepy. And honestly, I've always believed--backed up by nothing, by the way--that if you deliberately sought to have an encounter with an otherworldly being, you wouldn't. It just always seemed like that would only happen when you WEREN'T expecting it. But these guys can argue otherwise.

Octagon Hall -- a Little History

Designed by Andrew Jackson Caldwell and completed in 1859, Octagon Hall became a refuge for Confederate soldiers after evacuating their Bowling Green stronghold. Throughout the Civil War, however, these soldiers could never rest easy as members of  the Union army would periodically sneak onto the grounds of Octagon Hall in attempt at catching Caldwell harboring them.

Octagon Hall is a popular destination for historians and ghost hunters alike, as I've mentioned, and that last part is why I really like how this attraction operates. I've seen plenty of videos of folks sneaking onto property they may not be allowed to visit--not a smart move, by the way--but Octagon Hall embraces its paranormal history and puts such investigations on its website's menu.

Are you sold? Are you ready to do a little ghost hunting in southern Kentucky? The way I look at it is, if you get ready for Christmas by driving around and viewing light displays, why not visit a haunted old building where you're WELCOME to try making contact with the "other side."

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