He's back!  Or it's possible that she's back. While I'm not sure anyone has taken the time to determine if we're dealing with a "he" or a "she", one thing's for sure. Goosey the Goose is once again roaming the streets of Greenville, Kentucky.

John Mark Pendley
John Mark Pendley

I noticed that my buddy John Mark Pendley shared this photo on Facebook Sunday afternoon.  Seems the goose was roaming around his parking lot again.  As a matter of fact, according to John Mark (the manager of the Food Giant in Greenville), Goosey has been known to waddle into the middle of an intersection and bring traffic to a halt.  John Mark and the police had to go over and get it out of the road once.

According to Roy Cobb, another local, Goosey is an orphaned bird who was raised by Tommy Walter.  And apparently, Goosey is making friends with members of the community. Jennifer Hardison says, "He honked at me this morning!"  LOL!

Billie Gaylen is a little worried about the goose's safety though.  She says, "Sweet Goosey!  Praying she doesn't get hurt."

Well, one thing's for sure.  Goosey is becoming a bit of a Greenville celebrity.  So, let us know.  Have you encountered the Greenville goose?

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