Twice in my lifetime, now, I have found money I didn't know I had. Both times it was a huge and pleasant surprise...although I can't help but wonder HOW it happened in one of the instances.

Let's start with 1987 when I was in college.

I had a function within the broadcasting department and decided to wear my blazer which had been hanging in my dorm closet wondering what it was doing there since I hardly ever used it.

When I put it on, I reached inside an inner coat pocket and found a $20 bill.

To a college kid, that was like being given the key to Fort Knox.

I consulted an inflation calculator and learned that that would be worth $44.88 today.

Ah, inflation.

Well, it's happened again.

And while I haven't worn the pants I'm currently wearing in a long time, I can't believe this money has been in there the whole time.

In fact, I don't believe that.

I found some money last night and just shoved it into my pocket without thinking about it.

Today I discovered it was a LOT more than I would have expected.

And since my conscience is getting to me, if you can tell me how much it is and where I found it, please claim it by tomorrow at 5PM.

Otherwise, I'll donate it.

Life's full of weirdness, isn't it?

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