Have you ever seen the Couple Challenges on TikTok or YouTube can be quite challenging?  Chad & Angel tried the Airplane Challenge and that plane crashed!


Angel here and Chad and I have been doing Wacky Wednesday Challenges now for almost two years.  I can't even believe that as I type.  We started these challenges at the beginning of the pandemic as a way of entertaining kids while they were stuck at home.  Two years in and here we are still going strong.  We took a short break but then we were back at it.  In our first challenge, we tried to make a Two-Ingredient Moon Dough.  Let's just say that was the start of something hilarious.  I know you're probably thinking it's two ingredients how can you mess that up?  Well, we and not only did we mess it up we got the studio so messy it looked like a bunch of preschoolers had run through there with an art project.

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After our Moon Dough experiment fiasco, we decided we'd found our nitch and that is how Wacky Wednesday was born.  Since then we have done over a hundred different challenges.  Some of them we totally career and others are basically for your laughing pleasure.  Like the Cling Wrap Challenge or the Not My Hands Make-Up Challenge.


Today we tried the Couples Airplane Challenge.  It was literally a nose-dive LOL.  I think both Chad and I are going to be totally sore when we wake up in the morning.  In case you missed it here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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