Believe it or not, yesterday marked the "four months til Christmas" mark and the countdown to the holidays is officially on.  As a matter of fact, I, allegedly, may have fallen down the Countdown to Christmas rabbit hole on QVC yesterday afternoon.  LOL!  Seriously, Kevin and I watched QVC for about two hours.  It was all Christmas trees, jingle bell garland and snowmen.  But have you seen the official Christmas Countdown Facebook page?  A lot of my Facebook friends have started sharing and tagging it.  Take a look.


Yep!  That's right.  Only 18 more Mondays until Christmas.  LOL!

The Your Christmas Countdown Facebook page comes up with really fun ways to celebrate the fact that Christmas is approaching . . . quickly!!  Over the weekend, the page asked followers to let everyone know where they're from . . . since the page has become the most popular Christmas countdown on Facebook.

If you want to LIKE and FOLLOW Your Official Christmas Countdown on Facebook, CLICK HERE!

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