Have you seen cicadas, their shells everywhere? I haven't seen a single one yet; but to be honest, I've been forgetting to look. As for their familiar buzzing, I've only heard them twice, and both times I was driving through Ohio County. I even have two huge trees behind my apartment, no shells. What gives?

Now if you are in the same position, and if you are craving that cicada buzz, there's an 855-number for that courtesy of the gang at Kentucky for Kentucky. A couple of years ago, the site offered a hotline for anyone to call and hear A.B."Happy" Chandler's rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home". That hotline was a huge hit, especially with Kentuckians who had moved away and missing their home state.

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All you have to do is call 1(855) 883-8663 or "buzz line" and you will hear the mating insects. For how long? I stayed on for about 30 seconds or so. Remember, this year's cicadas are Brood X, they only emerge every 17 years.

I also dug up this site, which has everything you wanted to know about cicadas and more, such as more sounds, a symphony? Yes, it has literally everything you can find, stories, maps, all cicada-related. By the way, the next brood, XIX (19) won't come out until the year 2024; they emerge every 13 years.

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