Here at WBKR, we've partnered with Blue Star Restoration to bring you WBKR's Hero of the Month.  This month we are honoring the women of Hello Owensboro as our Hero of the Month!

Hero of the Month honors someone in the tristate who goes above and beyond for their fellow men and women.

Jill and Amber Thompson are the co-founders of Hello Owensboro.  Amber is the Library Media Specialists at West Louisville Elementary School and Jill works for To The Max Behavior Therapy LLC.

These ladies decided they wanted to create a warm and welcoming southern hospitality page for the community of Owensboro.  Here's the idea per Amber;

This page is going to be dedicated to a positive movement of saying hello to the people we cross paths with daily, even those that may be different from us. We have no idea what one little word can do for someone that feels neglected, lonely, sad, different, overwhelmed, etc... one little word can make a difference in someone’s day! I hope you will join me in this movement to create an even friendlier Owensboro.

Amber told me "Being kind has always been important to to me. I think we have all had our moments when we wish we could turn back time and have been kinder to someone. Don't let those moments define you instead remember tomorrow is a new day for you to be kinder and nicer to others.  Saying hello is a small way to show kindness. IT is a simple greeting, but its pwer is profound! Studies have shown that social interaction can help us live heathier, happier, stonger lives."

The goal of Hello Owensboro is to put positivity back on social media.  So many times the internet is filled with negative messages.  If they can reach one person with a positive message then they have done exactly what they set out to do.  This page encourages everyone to embrace difference and be kind no matter what!

Their hope is to spread the word for events promoting kindness in our community like Cinderella's closet, WBKR's Radiothon, Once Upon a child Diaper Drive, Matthews Table Community Outreach and more. Sometimes just by helping spread the word more people get involved.

Amber said her favorite quote "A simple hello can lead to a million great things."

I have known Jill since we were kids.  We played soccer together and have been friends for a long time.  Just met Amber and I already love her!  I am so proud of both these ladies and their hearts.  If the world could always be a simple hello, a positive word or a kind smile how different it would be.

Thank you ladies for all you are doing to make our community a better place!

Send your stories or order t-shirts to the Hello Owensboro Facebook page or email

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