Owensboro has filtered in and out a ton of different restaurant/retail locations.  Now there are several vacant buildings that could be a great start for something new and we want to know what you got a hankering for in the food and retail world.


Angel here and our family loves food and we love shopping.  I was driving through town the other day noticing all the sad and empty former restaurants and stores.  I started thinking of all the different places I wish Owensboro had and decided I would poll you all.


If you're wondering where the buildings are I am going to provide you with a list and even photos of each place.

Buildings in Wesleyan Park Plaza.  They have done an excellent job filling up the plaza because it needs to be said, it got hit hard over the past few years.  From Kmart closing, Excursions leaving, El Toribio closing, and Studio Slant closing.  Thankfully, there are new businesses that have come to the rescue.  However, there are a few big ones left to fill.

Moving on down Frederica to the old Captain D's and most recently Penguin Point.  I would love to see that become something like a coffee shop drive-thru or maybe a specialty dessert place or frozen yogurt.  Yes, I know we have several coffee places and they are ALWAYS PACKED.

Next up the old Krispy Kreme building, which is prime real estate people.  We need something delicious in this building but I can't say exactly what it needs to be.

I'd love to see new restaurants go into TGI Friday's and Tumbleweed.  Frederica is still a great location for businesses and thinking local commerce.  We have some outstanding small businesses in Owensboro.

And lastly, Towne Square Mall.  I could think of a million ideas for this place.  The fact that we even have to talk about putting new stores inside makes me get all nostalgic.  I miss the late 90s when it was in its' prime.

Here's my list of suggestions for restaurant/retail stores we need:

Gigi's Cupcakes
Dave & Buster's
Spaghetti Factory
Ruby Tuesday's
Turoni's Pizza
Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt
Cheesecake Factory

Old Navy
H & M
Bass Pro Shop
Shoe Outlet

What do you want to see come to Owensboro?  There are so many possibilities!

Owensboro Restaurant/Retail Wishlist

There are several vacant buildings in Owensboro that could be a great start for something new and we want to know what you got a hankering for the food and retail world.

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