November 5th, 2021 is the day Chadwick Jerame Benefield hits the big 5-0. It is indeed a milestone, one I passed five years ago. And it ain't no thing.

But on anyone's birthday, I think it's the right thing to do to make it THEIR day--gifts, favorite foods. It's also a day to AVOID that which you know will not go over well in their presence.

I'm sure that you've picked up on a few things that Chad absolutely cannot stand--one leaps immediately to mind as being the BIG one--but there may be a few items or SITUATIONS, let's say, that are best averted...ESPECIALLY on his 50th birthday.

So consider this your heads-up. If you slip up, I can't help you.

10 of Chad's Least Favorite Things

In honor of Chad's 50th birthday (November 5th, 2021), here are 10 of his least favorite things. Try to keep them away from him on his special day.

Keep reading for images of one of his FAVORITE things...

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