Hard to believe, I know, but you might have missed something that only happens every 108 years, the Cubs winning a World Series. For example, you could have been watching the CMA Awards, good excuse. You could have been coming off a candy coma from eating all your kid's candy, or and this is the really sad, you fell asleep during the rain delay like i did! Despite my inability to stay awake, last night's game was an EPIC event. Here are some fun facts about what occurred last night.

According to Stub Hub, the price of a ticket to last night's game ranged from $250-23,000.


A room  at the Hilton Garden Inn, near Progressive Field, went for $1,500 last night.


80% of tickets sold to Game 7 were sold to fans outside Ohio.


Fans from 14 different countries were at the game last night.


The road team won 5 of the 7 games played, proving that home-field advantage didn't mean much!


On a personal note, I am a little disappointed that I couldn't stay up long enough to see something I may never see again. Also, to anyone who paid $23,000 for their tickets, can you help a brother pay off student loans? I'm only a deejay, ya know.

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