Last week, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke made an announcement that people must wear masks in public within the city of Evansville. We now know the details of this mandate.

Winnecke announced that due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in the area, face masks will be required to wear anytime you're at indoor public spaces within the city of Evansville including transport and education facilities as well is if you are outdoors and cannot maintain a six foot distance from others.

This order will go into effect at  Wednesday, July 15th. Businesses are asked to require patrons to wear masks in their facility. The mayor suggests not to wait until Wednesday to wear a mask. Do it now. Especially after several businesses have had to temporarily close to sanitize after COVID-19 exposure.

State law says that this order can be in effect for seven days and can be renewed in seven day increments. Mayor Winnecke says that officials will monitor the situation and make renewals as long as the data and expert advice dictates.

At this time, the city is not considering fines for those who are in violation of this order and police will not be taking calls for violators. City officials ask that you continue to practice social distance and proper hygiene while you are in public, on top of wearing masks.

Exemptions for wearing a mask include:

  • Children under the age of 6
  • Individuals outdoors who maintain a six foot minimum distance
  • Individuals who are in a building or office and are alone in the room
  • Individuals with preexisting health conditions that prohibits them from wearing a mask
  • Individuals who are engaging in indoor or outdoor exercise or sporting activities
  • Individuals who are eating or drinking at Evansville establishments

There are several other exemptions on this Executive Order from the Mayor. You can refer to the Mask Resource Guide for any questions you may have about when and when not to wear a mask in the city of Evansville. To see the full order, you can click here.


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