We're gearing up for the big Townsquare Media GiveBack Day at the St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children this Monday, September 18th.

So many incredible people have volunteered to make a Mission Makeover happen on that day!

It's gonna be amazing!

But there are still some things the Peace Mission needs and they're items that they might not ask for, outright.

So I will.


Liquid soap, bath towels, wash cloths, shower curtains for two bathrooms, toilet seats.


Board games, puzzles, basketballs, soccer balls, kick balls, coloring books, crayons.


Desktop PC and monitor, black and blue pens, office chairs, office desk, HP Wireless printers.


Standard sized pillows and sheets, gift cards for outings.


You're more than welcome to drop off items at the WBKR studio or at the Peace Mission at 1328 W. 3rd Street in Owensboro.

And, of course, monetary donations to the Mission are always welcome and needed and if you'd like to contribute to the Mission Makeover you can via the Facebook pages of Ben Pearl Painting or BenPearlPainting.com, BPPI Flooring, or Royalty Cleaning services.

Or you can drop off you donation at the Mission, itself.

Monday, September 18th, figures to be a very exciting day!

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