CRYING!  Angel here and I could not be more excited to share that our Cheddar Boo Kitty is home.

It has been almost two weeks since our rescue kitty Cheddar Boo went missing.  To add insult to injury we had just gotten our kitten Trudy back after she end up at Owensboro Health.  Here story below;

Trudy went missing last week.  I didn't think much about it the first day and a half because she is new and likes to go exploring.  Well, she didn't come home so I finally posted on Facebook only to find out she had somehow made it all the way across town to the hospital 5 and a half miles away.  We thought maybe she climbed into the engine of a car and took a ride and now I am starting to think different because our rescue kitty, Cheddar Boo has now gone missing.

The thing we didn't understand is Cheddar is very routine.  He likes to eat, sleep and play at the same times every day.  You could literally set a clock to his behavior.

Joe has been absolutely beside himself.  Cheddar is his person literally.  He has conversations with him and Cheddar has to paw his chest at night before he goes outside to prowl the neighborhood.

Some may find this crazy but we have been praying constantly for his return.  Every single day our kids would "ask momma do you think he is coming home?"  I would just tell them to pray about it.

There are many reasons he could have been gone.  We thought he may have been taken.  Then we realized he may have been grieving or searching.  Many don't know we lost our 18-year-old kitty a month ago.  He was so good to her.  When she got to the point she could not clean her back anymore he cleaned her and took care of her.  They were best friends.  He has been grieving her loss.

I was sitting in my prayer chair praying and reading my bible this morning and like his normal routine I turned on the light in the upstairs and Cheddar can always see it and he sits at the side door to the house and meows because he knows I am up.  I heard a meow and thought it can't be.  I thought that doesn't sound like Trudy.  I listened a few minutes more and then realized "that's our boy!"  I ran downstairs opened the front door and he came running in and meowing loudly.  I scooped him up, cried, and ran him upstairs to wake up Joe.  My husband cried too.

Our animals mean the whole world to us.  They are our family.  Cheddar being gone has made us feel a very big void.


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