The Holiday Drive-In announced when they will be opening for the 2021 season earlier today.

Last year, the drive-in was really one of the only places in the Tri-State you could go to for a while if you wanted to see movies due to the pandemic. They even showed a few concerts too. Granted, we really didn't have a lot of new movies coming out, that will not be the same case for the 2021 season.

Several new movies that were delayed from 2020 will be released this year and you'll be able to see them at the Holiday Drive In. In a Facebook post today, they announced their official opening date. Mark your calendars for May 7th. That's when fans of the drive in will be able to watch some movies under the stars.

The Holiday Drive In will announce what movies will be playing opening weekend at a later date, but I cannot wait to go on opening night to watch two great movies for one low price and, of course, to enjoy my personal favorite: the double cheeseburgers.

Last year, they released social distancing rules and regulations as a result of the pandemic. No word yet on if those will still be in effect or how much they will be changed this year. You can take a look at those social distancing rules and regulations by clicking here.

And finally, to get you in the Holiday Drive In spirit, check out these unspoken rules are things that you should also follow...if you don't want to grind people's gears.

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