I know it's August, but it's August 2020. And 2020 has been kicking our butts. So we need some cheer...maybe some CHRISTMAS cheer. And right now.

A week ago, Christmas cheer came to Frankfort Avenue in Louisville when the Christmas Morning Cafe opened.

Owners Wesley Powell and his wife Kendall Rhama researched what that particular area of Derby City needed and, voila, Christmas in August (and the rest of this and every year, as well.)

It's only open for breakfast and brunch--Tuesday through Friday 7:30AM-2PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM-2PM, closed on Mondays. And, of course, it's opened during a pandemic which means the seating is currently limited.

But the cafe has been doing well in the week since it premiered.

Take a look:

Christmas Morning Cafe in Louisville

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