In my family, it's long been a time-honored tradition that I set off the fireworks while everyone else holds sparklers and observes.

No, I know...nothing revolutionary there (no pun intended).

But that's what we've done.

It all started with Mom. She loves sparklers and as long as she's holding one on the Fourth, we're good.

But I have had my fair share of burns from sparklers and I bet you have, too.

Now, do you have any idea how hot they can actually get? Yeah, I didn't either until I saw this post from the Kentucky State Police:

I'm guessing it's been enough of an issue in the past that the KSP felt it was necessary to post this chart. And I'm glad they did.

Nothing dampens a holiday celebration like an unwelcome trip to the emergency room.

Sparklers are a blast (geez...again, no pun intended) and the PERFECT "party favor" for an Independence Day celebration.

But keep a bucket of water handy.

1200 degrees is HOT!

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