Getting permanent eyeliner isn't a decision that should be taken lightly. But, it could be a great alternative if you're allergic to makeup, like to swim, don't have much time to apply makeup, suffer from arthritis, or enjoy outdoor activities and time at the beach. How does no more makeup smudges during your everyday makeup routine sound? I recently did it, and it's worth it! This is my experience.

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Elite Beauty Bar/CANVA
Elite Beauty Bar/CANVA

My friend Tabatha Hoover owns Elite Beauty Bar in Hartford, and we talked about permanent eyeliner when I was doing a live #WeLoveLocal broadcast in November. Because I have allergies and my eyes water constantly, I thought getting my eyeliner tattooed may be a good option. I did a lot of research, and Tabatha talked me through the process. I have a high pain tolerance level and wanted to think about it. I was still nervous while knowing it was an excellent solution for my sensitive and watery eyes.

Fast forward to February of this year. I reached out on social media and asked, "Have you had it done? Does it hurt very much?" I was surprised so many friends have had it done.

Kristie Whitaker Cannon was very reassuring, "I love that I got mine done, and the pain isn't bad at all."

"Yes. I love mine.", Donna Beatty shared

Melanie Brown Nave poked fun at me for being nervous, "My Granny had it done years ago when she was in her 80s. If she can do it, you can!"

My dear friend Jacque Nalley sealed the deal, "I’ve done it and LOVE mine! I need to get it touched up and a little darker."

I knew the time had come to make permanent eyeliner happen for me too!


While pain level is based on your tolerance, the process was only mildly uncomfortable. Tabatha applied a numbing cream to the area before the tattoo procedure began. If I started feeling pain at any point during the process, she would stop and reapply the cream. It hurt worse on the rim by the eyeball because it's so tender. Otherwise, it wasn't bad at all. The process made my eyes flutter and water, so we had to take multiple breaks. Overall it took a little over two hours for both eyes.

Some people reported burning, itching, or swelling after the procedure, but none happened to me. Besides redness the next day, everything felt and looked fine.


Even though I know it will gradually fade over time, it's worth the slight discomfort. You can get it styled to your liking, so whether you like a thin line, something bolder, or a cat-eye effect, anything is possible. Even if you have a low threshold of pain, the numbing cream helps you get through it. Try to get past your eye getting tattooed and instead think about never having to apply eyeliner again!


I went to Tabatha at Elite Beauty Bar, but my friends gave me many other great recommendations in town.

Jennifer Hardesty recommended Tammy Roth at 54 Cosmetics.
"I thought about doing this too. My friend does this for a living on Hwy 54 Tammy Roth."

Dena Rhodes of Owensboro Therapeutic Massage took care of Donna Beatty.
"Yes. I love mine."

Rita Woolen agrees with Donna.
"You won’t regret it one bit! Dena is the best in town!"

"They put a numbing gel on your eyes so the pain is minimal. I had Crystal Dawn at the Hooded Crow do mine.", Tanya Burdette  shared

Kori Baker recommended Tara Fitzgerald at Ms. Fitz Beauty.

I love mine!!!! Angela Maddox made it sooooo worth it.",  Steph Boling


If you're considering getting permanent make-up, Ekeli Proverb-Goldstein shared some helpful tips at


1. Microblading and eyeliner are perfect for those with physical limitations.

People who have Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and other illnesses that may limit their movements may find permanent makeup appealing. They can still look amazing even with their physical challenges.

2. It can save you a good amount of time.

Pro makeup artists and enthusiasts may be able to apply eyeliner in just 5 minutes. But some people aren’t just skilled like that. It can take them from 15 to 30 minutes just to put on eyeliner. With permanent eyeliner, you can skip that part and just do everything else on your face.

3. It doesn’t fade and becomes unflattering over time.

Tattoo eyeliner and eyebrows can fade as time goes by into blue-green tones, which look unattractive. Permanent eyeliner, on the other hand, doesn’t do that because it is implanted shallowly on your skin.

4. It doesn’t hurt and only takes a short time to heal.

Again, permanent eyeliner barely scratches the surface of your skin, which is why it shouldn’t hurt that much. Besides, a numbing cream is applied to the area to make sure that you won’t feel any pain.

For the recovery period, it takes only a day or two for the swelling to subside. You’ll get a bit of scabbing and crusting for a few days, too, but nothing to worry about.


1. The ink can cause allergic reactions.

Some people may be allergic to the foreign particles in the ink used for permanent eyeliner. This is why a technician who graduated from a reputable microblading school knows that a skin test must first be done before the procedure.

2. Trends change with time.

In 10 years, another trend would most likely be introduced and permanent makeup might cease to be appealing to many people. Make sure that you think about it first before going through the whole process.

3. Touchups may be necessary.

You might need a few more appointments with an expert on microblading for some touchups. The pigment could fade with time, which is why you need to have it redone now and then.

4. You can’t apply makeup in the area for a few days.

You will be advised by a professional microblading technician to not do anything on the affected area for a few days or until the scabbing is completely gone. This is to avoid infecting or irritating your lash line.

I hope this helps you figure out if permanent eyeliner would be great for you too!

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