I just knew it was going to happen.  Last week, I was at Diamond Lake Campground and Resort getting ready for the scavenger hunt at Camp Country.  And, naturally, I was walking through the woods and the weeds and I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to end up with a chigger.  And I got a BIG one.  Right on my behind!  And it's so big it looks like I have the planet Mars stuck to my butt.  It's insanely attractive.  So, what in the heck is the best way to get rid of the little critter?  I combed the internet and found some helpful tips.  Check 'em out!

First of all, there are some myths about chiggers.  They actually don't burrow under the skin.  They're arachnids . . . cousins to spiders and ticks.  And they've don't bite you immediately.  They'll ride around you for about three to six hours before they bite you and, when they do, it will likely be somewhere thin-skinned: your ankles, armpits, and, yes, your groin or behind.

But there are some measures you can take immediately after exposure

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't anywhere near a shower after I was exposed.  So, my little guy worked his way down my pants and broke him off a piece of my Kit Kat bar.  The good news is the number of remedies available, including Vic's Vapor Rub, hydrocortisone cream, even Elmer's Glue.

Here's a step-by-step guide to alleviating the itch from a chigger bite!

And there are some natural remedies as well.  One popular breakfast food actually works wonders . . .