Is anyone else having a Carpenter Bee problem?  Our house is like a breeding ground for these things and they are ruining our back deck.  I decided to do a little research on how we might get rid of them!

Joe, Tucker, and Layla preparing to combat our bee problem LOL!

Angel here.  Since the warm weather arrived the wood bees have been hard at work burrowing in our deck and carport.  Not only are they destroying our property but they make a complete mess and terrify my kids (and maybe Joe too LOL).

I decided to research some ways to send them on their way and here is what I found;

  • Loud music or sounds.  They are sensitive to vibrations and this may send them packing.  I think this is hilarious.  Maybe I will get a boom box and play Chad's voice throughout the day!  It is suggested that even after they have left they will return so while they are gone take other preventive measures to keep them out!
  • Citrus!  Use a natural citrus spray to repel them.   They like many other insects can't deal with it and it will keep them away.  You can use what you have around the house like the peels, rinds, and juices boil them and grind them up and then place in a spray bottle and put up in the infested area.  It won't kill them but it will make them want to leave.
  • Buying or making a bee trap is another way.  This way prevents you from having to you insecticides or chemicals of any sort.  You can also buy them online for about $20-$40 a piece.  I think this bargain queen could probably make one!
  • And my husband's favorite method is the acclaimed tennis racket!  Use the racket to kill the bee's when they are most active which at our house seems to be mid afternoon. (this is not the best way to take care of the problem)

Male Carpenter Bees do not sting and are the ones hanging around the nest.  They are watching out for the queen bee.  Carpenter Bees are very helpful with pollination and killing them could be harmful to crops and farmers.

There are other methods of taking care of your infestations according to Wikihow.  These methods are bit more harsh and I did not want to include those in the blog.  You can head over and check them out if you have a severe problem.

And treat your outdoor wood.  While it may not keep them away they prefer untreated wood so this may keep them moving to the next house!

I wish you all could have seen my husband and son, Tucker trying to kill all the bees last week.  I am pretty sure we could have won America's Funniest Home Videos.  Maybe we can try a different approach!

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