With the weather getting warmer, those of us who are not the biggest fans in the world of snakes will have an additional matter to which we need to pay attention.

Yep, we're going to start seeing more snakes in the weeks to come and, I gotta tell ya, I am not that great at recognizing the different species.

And that's mainly because I have no interest in getting that close to them.

So a website I found might come in very handy. KySnakes.ca.uky.edu/id_snake really breaks it down.

A good example of a good use of this site is illustrated right here. King snakes or black snakes may look frightening, but they are warriors and our friends:

If you see a snake and you don't recognize it, you can go to this site and enter the shape of the snake's head, the shape of its pupils (although I'm NEVER going to get close enough to see a snake's pupils, so I'll have to let that one go), its body shape, whether or not it has a facial pit (danger, Will Robinson!), its back and belly patterns, and its back and belly coloring.

I could also see where you make a game out of it. You know, just start entering select information at random (there are drop down menus) and see what you get.

By the way, here's the one venomous Kentucky snake breed I'd never heard of until I started doing the research. No thank you, pygmy rattlesnake:

Those of us who are scared really, I guess, need to know the difference between the bad ones and the ones that LOOK bad but are really incredibly useful.

Happy snake identifying.

Snakes in Kentucky

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