This weekend was the deadline for two very important things that I totally missed. Number one - our elf was supposed to come stay at our house. I guess I forgot to unlock the door for him because he didn't come until after ALL the other elves - on Monday after school. My daughter kindly reminded me of this oversight in my Christmas duties on Monday.  The second mom fail was forgetting to put out our delivery driver goodie basket. My husband texted me yesterday that he had a big Amazon purchase on the way and we forgot to put out the basket. He ran to Walmart and stocked up on sodas, waters, snacks, and Christmas tree cakes!

My sister-in-law gave us the idea to make the season a little brighter for our friends and neighbors who are delivering packages night and day. She set out a basket of snacks and drinks for delivery people one year and we thought it was such a nice gesture, we decided to do the same.

"I overheard one of the dads who works for UPS talking to another dad at a parents meeting a couple days ago saying he is leaving his house at 4 AM and still delivering at 11 PM every night. How rugged this season is for the as they try to handle shoppers like me!" I wish it was an original idea. I saw it on Pinterest!!"

What a wonderful idea for anyone who has to work in this weather! Here's a free printable to let your drivers know that the goodies are for them.

If you want this season to really come full circle, here are some snack ideas that you can order from Amazon!

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