I have talked to so many people who have moved to Owensboro from bigger metropolitan areas, and the common thread among their reasons for moving has always been low crime.

Under Investigation follder
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Now, I'm seeing more and more stories of a virulent culture that's been invading western Kentucky in recent weeks and months.

I'm talking about human trafficking.

WDRB-Louisville reports that, over the Kentucky Derby weekend, nine people were busted during a human trafficking sting and one of them was a doctor.

And according to Eyewitness News-WEHT, Summer Dickerson, a human trafficking survivor, shared her story at the Owensboro GRADD office this morning.

Please be careful. Watch out for ANYTHING suspicious like, for example, paper ads posted on trees, poles, community bulletin boards...anything of that nature...that are looking for people for temporary work.

Honestly, and unfortunately, it just pays to be suspicious all the time anymore.

It seems to be the only way to remain safe these days.

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