Yes!  In 2018, I will fly to Venice, Italy and set out on a cruise of the Greek Isles.  And I am so freaking excited about it.  Kevin and I, for years, have used summer vacation to go to Mexico.  But, this year, we decided to change it up a little.  Or, okay, we're changing it up a lot.  In July, instead of heading to Cancun, we're flying to Venice, Italy and are taking a cruise of the Greek Isles.

Here's a look at where we're going!

Norwegian Cruise Lines

And here's the official itinerary for our cruise aboard the Norwegian Star . . .


We are currently planning our trip, but are VERY excited about exploring Corfu Town!

Dan KitwoodGetty Images

We also plan to take in some classic Greek architecture when we cruise into Mykonos.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Shots like this one from Athens have inspired us to take a ferry from Mykonos to Delos to tour that island's archeological site (which is massive and amazing).

And, in Santorini, we plan to tackle the six-mile hike from Fira to Oia.  Check this out!

And, in addition to several stops in Greece, we're going to Kotor (Serbia and Montenegro) and Dubrovnik, Croatia.  And, we are PUMPED because Dubrovnik, in addition to being full of Old World flavor and history, has a modern pop culture tie-in that we are obsessed with.  It's where Game of Thrones is filmed and we're going to tour the ancient walls.

And, after our cruise, we're going to stay in Venice so we can tour that city's highlights.  We're staying at a place I found called Hotel Wildner (Pensione Wildner).

If you watched the video, you're probably in the same boat (or gondola) I am.  I don't have a clue what the narrator was saying, but I know the hotel is gorgeous and the views are breathtaking.

So, there you go!  That completes the sentence "In 2018, I will . . .".  In 2018, we're going to Greece!