My mother was an supervisor at the hospital for 40 years. While my family still goes to her for medical advice, we realized something a few years ago we never knew.

She's not great with money. And it's something she readily admits.

Dad always handled the household finances, but he passed away 13 years ago.

Mom had gotten way behind. So we made some adjustments back in 2015 that we thought would help.

They helped for a while but last April she found herself in somewhat of a hole again. So I stepped in and took charge of her debit card.

I am now managing her money and giving her what I will call an "allowance." But it's from HER account.

If I do say so myself, this has turned out pretty well. And there have been no setbacks.

The best part is, she can afford to buy things for herself that she needs with her own money. That's a big deal for Mom. She has NO interest in anyone paying her way.

With that in mind, this year we are going to make sure she gets her DENTURES!

That's a huge deal. Yeah, it may not sound very exciting, but dentures are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.

When I told Chad just HOW expensive, he recommended wooden teeth. I told him, "Don't think it hadn't crossed our minds."

But this is great.

Mom's looking forward to it AND she's looking forward to affording it.

You know, this has been a pretty rewarding experience on a couple of fronts. The first I've just detailed. The second is how much better I've become at dealing with my OWN finances. I've become very money-conscious. Not in an Ebenezer-Scrooge-pinch-a-penny-'til-it-screams type way, but in a reasonable way.

I'm enjoying saving money. And it's even better because of HOW I've become good at it.




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