I had a scary driving experience, not too long ago, involving grass clippings. I was on a two-lane in Indiana and there they were on the road. I didn't think anything about and drove over them.

And it caused me to skid.

Once I pulled over and got my bearings, it occurred to me that I can add THAT to the growing list of things NOT related to winter or bad weather can make a road slick.

I never drive over leaves for this very reason. Now, if I can, I'll need to avoid grass. But that might not be as easy as it seems.

Some folks, when they mow, blow the grass clippings out onto the road.

And that is very dangerous.

In fact, it could really cost you, according to LEX18/Lexington. And, potentially, to the tune of a maximum $2500 fine.


Check this out:

Fortunately this driver was able to avoid an accident (although I'm not sure I would have recorded that video while driving at that speed, even IF that was the only way to prove my point), but you can see the hazard this could possibly create.

If you're mowing near a highway, please try to avoid blowing the clippings onto the road, if possible.

Needless to say, it's good for everyone involved.

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