If I say to you, completely out of context, "You'll shoot your eye out," or "Oooooohhhhh fuuuudge," you will instantly know that I am referencing 1983's A Christmas Story - and I imagine you would then come back with two or three additional quotes from the movie.


Whether or not it's your favorite, you can't deny how iconic (and quotable) the movie has become, and the same could be said about Ralphie Parker, the film's young protagonist. I'm willing to bet that you and just about everyone else would get a little giddy at the chance to meet the man who brought Ralphie to life - Peter Billingsly. A few Indiana police officers recently had that opportunity, and I'd say they look pretty giddy about it.

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A group of officers from the Hammond Police Department were working security over the weekend at a special event, a reunion of several cast members from A Christmas Story. I'm sure they anticipated a rather uneventful day in the convention center's parking lot. I bet they had no expectations of meeting, or even seeing, any of the VIP guests. Next thing you know, they find themselves talking to Ralphie himself, who was kind enough to snap a selfie, which was shared on the department's Facebook page.

Facebook/Hammond Indiana Police Department
Facebook/Hammond Indiana Police Department
A shout out to our EMA officers who are working hard this weekend at the Indiana Welcome Center, for the special reunion of the ‘A Christmas Story’ cast, celebrating the movie’s 40th anniversary. They are directing traffic (and taking pictures) at “Ralphie & the Gang Come Home,” hosted by the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, featuring appearances by eight cast members, including Peter Billingsley (Ralphie).

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This encounter has an added level of neatness to it - the city of Hammond has a special connection to A Christmas Story. You see, the movie was based on a 1966 book written by Jean Shepherd, who grew up in Hammond, Indiana. The film is set in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana, a name that comes from Hohman Avenue which is a major street in downtown Hammond.

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