Almost anyone who knows me knows I don't do roller coasters. The dropping sensation, the zero gravity, NOTHING underneath me. It's not for me; never has been.

On the other hand, give me all the alpine slides you have. I love them. Just the ground beneath me--or close enough--and no precipitous drops always make for an exhilarating experience. You're familiar with them, right?

Man, that looks like fun. I want to do it right now.

In a similar vein are toboggan runs which are usually a big winter attraction. While I've never been on one, I'd try one tomorrow. But since I have to work, I'll have to wait until another day to sample the excitement at Pokagon State Park in Angola IN.

Hold on and have fun.

How very cool is that thing? Seriously. In fact, I think we need a full point-of-view virtual experience. This could be you:

Now, you need to understand something. Cameras are not permitted on the toboggan; the two examples you've seen are the results of special permission given for a report on the park. But that certainly won't prevent you from having the time of your life.

Pokagon State Park's Toboggan Run--launched in 1935--welcomes, on average, about 90,000 riders a year. The refrigerated track sends visitors speeding down a hill at top speed. I'm familiar with what 20 MPH feels like on a bicycle, and that's fast. But the top recorded speed at the Toboggan Run is 42 MPH. Think about how fast THAT would feel on a bicycle.

And who knows? You might even see Santa Claus tobogganing down the hill at Pokagon.


So, how about it? Do you have any open weekends this holiday season, or maybe just this winter? Bundle up and head to Angola IN. It's the perfect adventure to break up the winter doldrums.

Pokagon State Park's Toboggan Run will open for the season November 24th.

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