It's assumed that because someone is in jail, they're a bad person. We can thank TV and movies for that in my opinion. But, that's not always the case. I know people who have spent some time in jail, and they're not bad people. They just got caught making a poor decision and owned up to their mistake by doing their time. Other than that one lapse in judgement, they are good people, which sounds like the case for a couple of inmates in the Gibson County Jail who came to the aid of a jail employee during a medical emergency Wednesday afternoon.

According to a Facebook post by the Gibson County Sheriff's Office, the employee was alone with the two "inmate trustees" (an inmate who is incarcerated for no serious crime, i.e. violent, who is trusted enough by administrators to help out around the jail) when they had what the Sheriff's Office is calling a "medical emergency." Instead of taking advantage of the situation, like some bad people may be tempted to do, the two inmates, who's names were not provided, jumped into action and were able to get the employee the help they needed before things took a turn for the worse.

The employee, who's name was also not provided, is expected to be fine thanks to the help they received from the two inmates. Whether or not the pair's actions today will get them out early on good behavior is unknown, but at least they be proud in the fact they did the right thing, and very well could have saved the employee's life.

[Source: Gibson County Sheriff's Office on Facebook]

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