Florence returned to the Christmas Wish office this year and we couldn't be more grateful. This beautiful angel knitted over 700 hats for children of all ages and they're amazing, just like her.


***DISCLAIMER - Photo taken in 2017.

It made my heart smile when Florence walked in to the Christmas Wish Office again this year. Florence crochets and knits 365 days a year for Christmas Wish. She has one goal in mind. To help needy families in the tri-state. Whether it’s baby blankets or hats, she knows that when someone is down on their luck, knowing that someone cares enough to knit you a hat is very special. And, they're one of a kind. We truly look forward to seeing Florence and her beautiful family every year at the Christmas Wish headquarters!

Kelly Kortz

There’s truly no better feeling than being able to share your talent with those in need, and it’s also pretty cool to see your work all over the community. We are so grateful for Florence and her talent. #thanks

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