The short answer is "no."  However, Donald Suiters does.  And he looks just like Kid Rock!  Check this out.

BTK Photography/Facebook

That is uncanny!  It's no wonder that when Donald goes to concerts, people stop to take photos of him because they think he's the real deal.


I have to give a big shout out to Marcus Shawn Wagoner.  He's a devoted WBKR listener who tipped us off to Donald's resemblance to Kid Rock after we shared stories about an Owensboro pastor who looks like Luke Bryan and a Muhlenberg County man who resembles Keith Urban.  And there's no denying that his buddy Donald is a dead ringer for Kid.  This is insane . . .


So, if you're driving around Bowling Green and you do a double-take because you think you've just seen Kid Rock, chances are you haven't.  However, you may have seen the closest thing to him. And Donald will be happy to give you an autograph and take a picture with you.  Heck!  He fooled us.  He'll fool your friends too.  You can tell them you met Kid Rock.  Chances are . . . they won't be able to tell the difference.