One website has found the most underrated state park in each state, when it comes to Indiana do you agree or disagree?

It's almost summertime, and that means the season is nearly upon us when we venture out and soak in some of the most beautiful scenery at Indiana State Parks. As you know, we have numerous state parks throughout Indiana that are full of wildlife, lakes, hiking, camping, and more. I'm sure that you have visited a few Indiana State Parks over the years and you have your favorites. Some are bigger and more popular than others, but one website recently found the most underrated state park in Indiana, and chances are you may or may not have visited, or even heard of it before.

What is the Most Underrated State Park in Indiana?

According to Outside, the most underrated state park in Indiana is found west-northwest of Indianapolis. Shades State Park is a state park in Montgomery, Parke, and Fountain Counties. This state park is great for hikers and canoeists.

According to Outside:

If you’re looking to hike or canoe in woodsy Indiana, go no further. At 3,082 acres, <a href="" target="_blank" data-outbound-instanced="true">Shades State Park</a> is one of the Hoosier State’s smaller preserves, but we believe in quality over quantity when choosing our outdoor hangs. Far less crowded than nearby Turkey Run State Park, Shades is home to old-growth trees, ladder-accessible ravines, rippling waterfalls, hiking, backcountry camping, and primo views of sandstone-lined Sugar Creek. Pro tip: go in fall when the sugar maples and tulip poplars put on a fiery show.

As you can see, Shades State Park is truly a beautiful place to visit in Indiana. If you have never been before, maybe you might want to take a weekend camping trip this year. Then you can decide if it's really underrated or not. You can check out what other state parks were named underrated in their respective states by clicking here.

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