It's National Family Photo Day and we have collected a slew of hilarious family photos from around the Tri-State.  Now, all we need is yours!

Angel here and let's be totally honest most people only post their very best to social media.  You make sure your family is posed perfectly, and not a hair is out of place.  If you're anything like my family behind that picture-perfect photo is about a hundred outtakes that could win you a contest for Hot Mess Family of the years.

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Jacy English, from Mustard Seed Photography, has been patiently taking our family photos for more than six years now.  I am pretty sure she has the patience of Job and quite possibly she may even need to drink a bottle of extra-special wine when she goes home after our session.  Yet, every single time I call her to schedule photos she excitedly agrees.  I am not sure if she truly loves us or enjoys the entertainment we provide.

For instance, why can't our kids understand if they would just do what we need them to and smile for the camera, pose, sit, stand exactly how we ask it would all be over way faster than when they argue and whine about having to take the photo.

I can't tell you how many times I have smiled for a photo and I am threatening my kids through that smile.  I know I am not the only one but I am happy to admit it.

Our family photos always end up being incredible because Jacy is basically a miracle worker but she also so graciously provides our chaos photos too and I love it.  I just tell her to keep snapping.  It captures the absolute disaster we really are and we're ok with it.

We want to see your photos on the WBKR Facebook Page and you have to check out the photos some other folks share with us below.

Celebrating National Family Photo Day With The Tri-State

It's National Family Photo Day and we have collected a slew of hilarious family photos from around the Tri-State.


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