Pets change the whole dynamic of a family.  We have two in the Welsh household.  Today is National Love Your Pet Day and I wanted to celebrate Layla Rose and Ms. Jingles-->

Layla Rose is a 7 month old Goldendoodle.  We got her for Charlotte and Tucker for their birthday.  She is an absolute blessing and so much fun!  Each of our children have a special relationship with her.  She sleeps in everyone's bed and likes to counter surf for food.  We have have taught her to fetch, sit, lay, stay, and give paw.

The kids love watching TV with her!

Charlotte is Layla's ride or die partner!  She even sits with her when she gets in trouble for chewing.  Layla loves Charlotte so much.

Tuck and Layla have the rough housing relationship.  She loves when he gets home from school because he wrestles with her and they run around the yard together.

Braden is her cuddle buddy and she loves to sleep with him.

Layla loves Uncle Chad too because he talks to her in baby talk and tells her what she wants to hear LOL!

Layla is just one of the girls most days and fits right in with us!

She is super gentle and loving to everyone.  Days when I am stressed or struggling she always eases the anxiety.

Now Ms. Jingles we don't have a picture of.  She doesn't allow pictures and always manages to turn her head or run when I get out the phone.  She is one cool cat.  She is very loving and anytime we sit outside she crawls up in our laps and purrs loudly.  I have had her for about 10 years.

Pets change everything.  I love my fur babies.  They are make our family complete and our lives much brighter!