We live in Kentucky, right? We don't live in one of those states that's famous for having winter when you're not SUPPOSED to have winter, right? I SWEAR this still looks like Owensboro.

I ran errands this morning before work and noticed some flurries. Okay, flurries. I'll give you flurries.

I've seen flurries in April.

But they didn't last very long and it warmed right up. In 2018, we have now had TWO separate occasions when SNOW was on the ground.

And then THIS from the Kentucky State Police:

That's right...FREEZING RAIN!

And, yes, it is April 16th, the SECOND HALF of April. Late April.

And then there's THIS little factoid that Eyewitness News meteorologist Ron Rhodes shared with us this morning on WBKR:


That's 113 years ago!

Honestly, if I was going to pick something from 113 years ago to do over, this wouldn't have been it.

But...they didn't ask me.

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