Elle King is a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist who has been paving her way in country music, and she almost had a unique opportunity to try out a new skill: Acting.

The singer confirmed to Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul in the days leading up to the CMA Awards that she auditioned for the role of Gigi Roman in the country music themed drama, Monarch on FOX. The role eventually went to actress/singer Beth Ditto, and although King did not secure the part, she complimented Ditto on her acting talent.

"Yeah, we talked about it, and she got the part," says King. "She's a better actress than me. I'm not a very good actress."

Ditto initially shared the news of King's audition in an earlier interview with Taste of Country Nights, and she had nothing but good things to say about the singer.

"That would have been incredible," Ditto said of King potentially securing the role. "And she's in the business, so she probably knows what she's doing. But I think she was having a baby. I really get lucky when other people aren't."

When King heard that Ditto praised her, she replied, "That's cool! She's super rock 'n' roll."

Monarch follows the dramatic ups and down surrounding the Roman family, who are heavyweights in the country music industry. Gigi Roman is the daughter of fictional country stars Albie and Dottie Roman, and she, along with her sister Nicky, are tasked with the job of carrying on their family's country music legacy.

Ditto sings in the show as well, and she has recorded songs such as "Before He Cheats," "Somethin' Bad" and others for the show.

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