With every family in America looking to stretch their grocery dollar, one TikTok video has uncovered a huge deal that could be saving you big bucks.

The package comes with a main dish protein (pulled pork, Chicken Critters or sirloin steak), two side dishes of your choice, plus a dozen rolls and a family salad. And before you ask; yes, it also comes with a helping of cinnamon butter, dipping sauces and gravy.

The savings are a much needed boost for American families, as Yahoo finance reports that the normal American family is spending an average of $166 per person, per month. The New York Post found that number to be low as they peg the average American is spending $2,500 a year eating out.

More and more people are doing their best to find ways to save money as they eat out with the Post highlighting possible “hacks” such as using coupons, ordering off the kids menu or making sure you don’t eat everything in order to have leftovers.

If you are looking to cash in on the Texas Roadhouse offer, make sure you note that some restaurants may charge a few dollars extra, all depending on location.

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