I moved out on my own in 2001. Yeah, I lived in a dorm at WKU, but that doesn't quite count. However, I naturally needed a key to unlock my room or unlock the front door to the dorm after hours. In all five years, yep, this year marks 25 years since I graduated, wow, I never lost my key. Many students and faculty kept their keys in a wallet-type thing or on a lanyard to keep their WKU IDs and keys secure.

All right, back to my first apartment in Madisonville, I never lost my keys or locked myself out. The scenario was if I lost a key or got locked out, there was a business office downstairs in this older house and they could help me out in a jiffy.

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I moved to Owensboro for the first time in late 2007. It was another apartment in an old house, and it had a lot more space. There was a front door that led into a foyer and I had a backdoor. Once again, I never locked my keys inside. My neighbors were a little sketchy, but I always had my keys, in or out, ready to go. I only lived there for about a year and I moved back to Hartford with my parents.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011, I had some friends who were already living in yet another older house in Owensboro with a vacancy, so I jumped at the opportunity. However, I think I've locked my keys inside this apartment what feels like a thousand times. The funny or sad part, is my keys are inside right there hanging BY THE DOOR. There was a run where it happened every few months, thus I decided to carry an extra set of keys in my bag and make sure I was carrying it before I locked my door and slammed it. But I usually travel light and I don't take my bag with me and yesterday, I locked my keys inside again. Am I cursed? This also seems to always happen when I need to be somewhere on time.

I think I have a world record on my hands and I'm thinking of contacting the bigwigs at Guinness to check things out. There is a world record for just about anything.

I realize my potential record isn't fun at all, but it's garnered many laughs over the years, the nerve of some people.

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