It's no secret that most of us usually drive faster than the posted speed limit. I mean, they're just suggestions, right? Of course not, but most of us rarely abide by them. I'll tell you that I typically drive between five to ten miles per hour above whatever the posted limit is hoping there's no law enforcement officer hiding somewhere waiting to catch me. It's obvious I'm not the only one, especially on highways where people pass me by even though I'm doing at least 80 in a 70 (FYI: I'm secretly hoping you get pulled over). Knowing full well most drivers are using the highway as a chance to tap into our inner Jeff Gordon, the Illinois Department of Transportation decided to give them a hilarious reminder to slow down using one of their digital message signs.

Illinois Dept. of Transportation Posts Funny Speed Limit Reminder

Earlier this week, the Department shared the photo below of a sign hanging over one of its highways displaying a Halloween-themed message reminding motorists to pump those brakes a bit.

Illinois Department of Transportation via Facebook
Illinois Department of Transportation via Facebook
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While I'm not 100% sure, I believe the message is a play on the famous scene from The Exorcist where the two priests are attempting to expel the demon who has taken over the body of Linda Blair's character, Regan. If you've never seen the movie, you can find the clip on YouTube, but just know it does contain a few "not safe for work" words at the beginning, including one that is derogatory toward members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Illinois Department of Transportation Has the Jokes

This isn't the first time the Department has shown it has a sense of humor in what I imagine is the usually dull world of state transportation. A scroll through the Department's social media shows that whoever is in charge of it likes to use humor to get their messages across. For example, this post which reminds residents to use crosswalks.

Or this fake "Attentive Driver" Halloween costume:

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While those are all great, this one may be my favorite. Using a popular meme where a reporter is pretending to interview a deer, the Department reminded residents that it's the time of the year when deer will be more active and could dart out in front of you on the road.

To whomever is behind this, kudos to you for making these important reminders a little more fun and a lot less lecture.

[Source: Illinois Department of Transportation on Facebook / Illinois Department of Transportation on Instagram]

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