Black cats make wonderful pets, but they are frequently overlooked in the shelters. Keep reading to learn why you should consider adding a black cat to your home and where you can find one in the Tristate!

Kitty Credentials

If you're wondering why you should take advice from me about black cats, let me tell you about my kitty credentials. First, I have been a "crazy cat lady" for more than half of my life and I can assure you, that has been many years. I also use my voice to advocate for our area shelters and rescues so I see firsthand how many black cats are awaiting their forever homes. I also happen to be the cat mom to a beautiful black cat named Moon.

More on Moon

In December of last year, I brought home a beautiful little black kitty named Princess Moon from my friends at It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue, and what an amazing addition she has been to my home! She joined the kitty that I have had for several years. I was nervous that Jupiter Jack and Princess Moon might not get along - Jupiter has been an only pet since bringing him home almost three years earlier - but they became fast friends! And while Moon is much more petite, and only half Jupiter's size, there is no doubt that Princess Moon is the Queen of the Castle. Don't believe me? Just look at her sitting majestically on her green velvet throne!

attachment-princess moon
Kat Mykals, TSM

 Often Overlooked

Unfortunately, not all black cats get to go to loving homes like Princess Moon. In fact, black cats are often overlooked in shelters. People will pass them by just because they are black without a second thought. I think it's time we change people's perception of black cats, so here are 7 reasons to adopt a black cat!

7 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

Black cats sometimes get a bad rap, but the reality is they make fantastic pets and wonderful companions. Here are seven reasons why you should consider bringing home a black cat.

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals

If you're ready to adopt there are plenty of animal rescues here in the community that have more than enough cats - and dogs for that matter - that are in need of loving forever homes!

Animal Shelters and Rescues In and Around Evansville Indiana

Whether you are looking to foster or adopt a homeless animal, or you would like to volunteer or donate, here are the animal shelters and rescues in and around Evansville, Indiana.

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals


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