We're starting a new weekly web series and I'm really excited about it! Let me introduce you to 'Jac's Band Wagon'... y'all feel free to jump on! (See what I did there, ha!)

I'll be featuring one artist per week. Not necessarily a new artist, but someone who is really starting to get things going. This week, we'll talk about Jerrod Niemann. Barb Birgy and I had the pleasure of hanging with Jerrod while in Memphis this past January and he's a real cool dude. I really hope his new single 'Drink To That All Night' continues to move up the charts, he totally deserves the success!

So... let's talk about it!

You can check out the Jerrod's last video HERE.
So, who do you want to see on the Band Wagon next week? Let me know and we'll focus on your pick!