jerrod niemann

Celebrity Family Feud
Country super-stars, Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann will battle it out on "Celebrity Family Feud" this weekend and we can't wait! So much fun and all to raise money for two amazing charities.
Jac's Band Wagon: Jerrod
We're starting a new weekly web series and I'm really excited about it! Let me introduce you to 'Jac's Band Wagon'... y'all feel free to jump on! (See what I did there, ha!)
I'll be featuring one artist per week. Not necessarily a new artist, but someone who is really starting to get things going. Th…
Jerrod Niemann's New Video
After meeting Jerrod Niemann last month in Memphis, I can definitely say that he's different. But, not in a bad way at all! He was very nice and fun to hang with, but he's not at all a cookie-cutter country artist.
Here's his latest video for "Drink To That All Night"…
Jerrod Niemann's New Album
Jerrod Niemann has a new album coming out called "High Noon". Now, for those of my generation, the first thought is the Gary Cooper movie and/or the Tex Ritter theme which was a hit in 1952. Although there is a correlation the tune has nothing to do with those two.
Nashville Was/Is a Blast
Monday, the day before we left for Nashville, Chad and I discussed how incredibly hot  it was going to be  while doing the live broadcast from the Grand Ole Opry Plaza. I told him that I didn't expect miracles; just keep the water handy. Well, despite the shade, it was hot and th…
Brad Paisley In Evansville
When it comes to music, concerts are the way to go really experience music. What better way to experience your your favorite music than with concerts in Evansville. Brad Paisley starts off 2011's list of country musicians coming to Evansville and he starts if off with a bang!