I missed this performance, but I still got to see these guys that night. And I still got to hear Lee Brice sing "I Don't Dance." HUH?!?

A few Wednesday evenings ago, Lee was joined by Randy Houser and Jerrod Niemann at the Grand Ole Opry and the guys gave an AMAZING live performance of Lee's number one smash "I Don't Dance," which, I assume, you just watched.

Soon after they finished, they showed up at the Nashville hotspot known as Loser's. And Jaclyn and I happened to be there when they arrived.

They were just hanging out, being a part of the Nashville crowd. Of course, they stepped to the small stage and performed. Lee did "I Don't Dance" and Jerrod sang "Drink to the That All Night." Come to think of it, I can't remember if Randy sang or not. But I did get a chance to chat with him. Really nice guy.

This is what I love about Nashville. These guys are country stars. They each have multiple number one songs. But they also happen to be folks who work and live in Nashville, just like about a million and a half other people.

And they want to let their hair down, too.