Jake Owen is one of the most loved stars in modern country music, having just released his excellent new album 'Days of Gold.' But it turns out the singer's favorite songs right now aren't in the country genre. In fact, they are pop tracks.

During his rapid-fire, PEOPLE chatter interview, Owen talked about interesting topics, such as having a twin, which provides an instant best friend and nightly sleepovers, and his favorite thing about growing up in the Sunshine State of Florida. He also shared his favorite songs to sing.

Ylvis' comedy track 'The Fox' tops his list, as does 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus. Owen even engaged in semi falsetto versions of both songs, hammering home the point that he does like to sing these songs. Perhaps in the shower? While doing housework? When hanging with daughter Pearl, who celebrated her first birthday last month? Anything's possible!