WBKR's little buddy, Jimmy Parrot, has gone big time!  Saturday, at the Hawesville Christmas Parade, Jimmy served as Grand Marshal, alongside his WBKR Waking Crew buddies, Moose and Tad!   I had a hunch I should bring along the trusty video camera and I did.  Check out these video highlights.  They are a riot!

Just for the record, when he was calling me a "dirtbag" he was nearly giving me a stress fracture in my left arm.  Parrot is strong as an ox.  Did you notice how my right leg almost flew off my body into the street when he kick my legs apart?  Did you see him face-plant me into the Hawesville city truck?  Is this a Christmas parade or the WWE?  Good Lord!!

See, Jimmy was very proud of his official Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy badge he got to wear in the parade.  But, as you'll see, that's not the only party favor Jimmy brought to the parade!  This is a scream!

Yes, Jimmy brought pepper spray and a keychain with Ann Komis' mug on it to the Christmas parade!  How funny is that?  And, for the record, we have nothing but respect and praise for Wayne Hart.  But, how did Wayne's face get on Jimmy's WBKR keychain??  Jimbo has some 'splainin' to do!

We want to extend a huge "Thank You" to Mayor Rita Stevens and the City of Hawesville for inviting Jimmy to be Grand Marshal!  And an extra special "Thanks" for inviting Moose and Tad too!  We had an asbolute ball.  And, I'll tell you, seeing Ruth Parrot's face after the parade was priceless.  Mama was very proud of her son, Jimmy.  We all were. 

Jimmy, you're the best.  Moose and Tad love you.  The whole WBKR family loves you.  The City of Hawesville loves you.  And my orthopedic surgeon loves you too.  But my left arm is going to kick your badonkadonk . . . as soon as it grows back together.

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