Can you imagine this blessing happening to you and your family? It just happened for Katie Everley of Ohio County and she's so worthy of the gift!

Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home

Katie Everley of Hartford is sure having a wonderful day! Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home in Ohio County just awarded her a Ford Escape XLT. It may only be Tuesday, but Katie is having one heck of a beautiful week! Not only did she win the SUV today, but Katie gave birth to a beautiful daughter yesterday. Bentlee is a new big sister to Ellison Kate!

I was impressed that Katie picked up the phone when I called, but Mom and baby are both doing wonderful. She shared her story as to why she put in a submission for the chance to win the SUV.

Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home

Katie said that her Aunt actually saw the giveaway post on the Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home Facebook page and called Katie to encourage her to apply. At first Katie was reluctant as she felt others may be more deserving. Then one day, while sitting at work, she had a change of heart and said, "Why Not Me"? Why not you indeed Katie.

In November, Katie was in a wreck and totaled her vehicle. She needed a fresh start and thought this beautiful SUV would help her family do that. She never thought she'd win and then Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home made the announcement! Out of over 500 entries, her name was drawn.

When I asked Katie how she was feeling, it was obvious that she's very grateful and overwhelmed. She added, that in Hartford and Ohio County, it's just the way the community is. Just like Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home, neighbors are always helping each other. Everyone should live in Hartford!

Congrats on the new baby and your new ride! You deserve it.

Miller-Schapmire Funeral Home