Hi, it's Kennedy the intern. Have you gotten your Kentucky Derby horses picked out yet? If not, then you've come to the right place! Here are my guaranteed Superfecta box winners for the 2018 Kentucky Derby. 

Ken Levine/Getty Images /Allsport
Ken Levine/Getty Images /Allsport

Now you must be wondering why I am a credible resource for choosing which horse will take the prize. Well, I'm basically a pro March Madness bracket maker. I've been in the top of my bracket competitions for the past two years with brackets made in five minutes without watching a single game of college basketball beforehand. And I didn't just pick the higher seed! I'm almost psychic when it comes to the NCAA tournament...so horse racing shouldn't be much different right?

My strategy for picking these legendary predictions is very methodical. You can look at the rankings, the names, the colors, and the statistics all you want, but you're never going to get the outcome you search for by just using your better judgement. You must dig deep and see which horse speaks to your soul. You must recognize the symbolism of your choices in all aspects. The key to predicting these winners is to follow your heart. Trust me, it never fails (only sometimes).

So, lets get down to business. Fourth place in the 2018 Kentucky Derby will be Solomini. Now this horse's name really stuck out to me. I found myself wondering if the name was just two common words stuck together randomly or two common words stuck together for a purpose. Then it hit me. The name Solomini must be a tribute to the late and great Han Solo and the most iconic female rodent of our universe, Minnie Mouse. If this horse has the bravery of Han Solo and the grace of Minnie Mouse, it will undoubtedly secure a spot in the Superfecta.

Third place is going to be Good Magic. What's not to love about this horse? It's magical AND good. Just look at the jockey's uniform! The E on the jersey obviously stands for "Everyone who picks this horse is going to win so much money." Not to mention, the uniform is green. More money symbolism? I think so. This pick is a no brainer.

Second place will be My Boy Jack. Now I know you're probably wondering why I haven't picked the horse with the best odds, Justified, to place in the top four. Honestly, I was considering it, but then I realized something. It's easy to just look at the name My Boy Jack and recognize it for its cute and quirky charm. But, you have to look closer than that if you want to predict the winning horse. I, a respected predicter and horse supporter, knew that the M, B, and J in My Boy Jack must be an acronym for something else. I knew immediately upon this thought that MBJ stands for Must Beat Justified. If My Boy Jack can beat the top ranked horse, than he can surely win second place. That was very clever of the horse's mother and father! Look out for him.

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for: First place in the 2018 Kentucky Derby will be Audible. I put a lot of thought into this one. The definition of Audible when it comes to American Football is "a change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage." This Friday I will be playing quarterback in the Powder Puff football tournament fundraiser for Girls Incorporated. I doubt I will be calling any audibles in the game tomorrow night, as I am not as expert of a football player as I am a horse race predicter, but this was an immediate and important connection that I can also relate to my life this year. I called an audible in life at the beginning of this year when I changed my future college major choice from musical theater to music therapy. That, along with many other life changing decisions I've made this year, makes Audible a clear and symbolic winner choice. I suggest picking this horse.

And that's it! Feel free to take my methodical predictions and use them as your own. Hopefully you'll win some cash and bragging rights! Just remember if you do decide to implement my strategy, this article was just a little horseplay. Good luck and happy betting.

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