A detailed new map shows belief in Hell on a state-by-state basis.  And Kentuckians have propelled the Commonwealth into the Top Five based on percentage of believers.

Lursh123 via Reddit
Lursh123 via Reddit

According to the above map (shared last week on Reddit), here are the Top Five states whose residents believe in Hell.

Tie #1- Mississippi & Tennessee (77% of population believe in Hell)

Tie #3- Arkansas & Ohio (76% of the population believe)

#5- Kentucky (74% of the population believe)

The state with the fewest amount of residents believing in Hell?  Massachusetts- with just 36% of residents confirming belief.  Vermont is a close second with just 38% of the population affirming the belief.

According to recent research and polling by the Pew Research Center, seven-in-ten Americans believe in Heaven, but just 58% believe in the concept of Hell.


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