It's great to make the top ten...unless the category in question isn't a great one. You'll notice I didn't capitalized "top ten" like I usually do.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky...the good ol' Bluegrass State...has finished SIXTH among states that people are LEAVING.

United Van Lines conducts this particular survey and notes that West Virginia and Ohio, two of Kentucky's eastern neighbors, check in at seventh and eighth.

Another Kentucky border state, Illinois, lands at number TWO.

Among the states where most people are relocating, South Dakota tops the list. Since United Van Lines likes to find out why people migrate to wherever they migrate, we learn that retirees are the reason for the top ten states where people are relocating and job-seeking is the top reason for the top ten states people are leaving.

Now, this is just my opinion, but I believe retirees move elsewhere because of weather. Again, just a guess.

While South Dakota has some of the BEST summertime weather I've ever experienced, I understand that saying it gets "pretty cold" there in the winter would be the king of all understatements.

By the way, this is Kentucky's first appearance on this list which you can see in its entirety by clicking here.

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