Sunday night is a great night for television. Clearly we had no idea how great it was going to turn out to be. But tucked away earlier in the evening was the third-place finish of our favorite reality show father/daughter team on CBS' "The Amazing Race." And now Morganfield's Gary and Mallory Ervin are in the final four and will compete for $1 million dollars on next Sunday's season finale!

It's been an exciting ride watching Team Morganfield excel in their second attempt at winning the million.  Last night, it looked dicey again--for a little while, anyway--as Gary and Mallory had to dig a mountaineer-bot--a mannequin-like replica of a mountain climber--out of a massive snow mound in the Swiss Alps in order to advance to their next challenge. It was not easy, but they accomplished the task. Next up, Mallory had to make an all-chocolate replica of the Travelocity gnome at a Swiss chocolate shop--Travelocity is a show sponsor. She had to make one section, put it in the freezer, then work on the next section until it was complete. And when the gnome was finished, it had to be buried in the snow for 30 minutes before it was ready. Mallory pulled it off like she'd been doing it all her life. She and Gary took off and came in third. And, next Sunday night, it's for all the marbles--all one million of 'em.