Not having any ideas of any kind about tattoo culture (I have no tattoos anywhere), I never knew why a ban would have been issued on tattooing scarred skin.

When I looked into the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services' decision, I learned of its concern about possible health issues involved with tattooing "freshly scarred or unhealthy skin."

But now, according to a report from WHAS11/Louisville, the ban has been lifted after several accident and cancer survivors came forward to testify to how tattooing can help folks get past "bad experiences."

I know a lot of people who got tattoos to cover something up and some of their reasons are the ones above.

Plus, health officials didn't really have enough evidence to support the ban.

The WHAS report goes on to say that while the ban has been lifted, there ARE new regulations in place that will require tattoo artists to complete blood-borne pathogen training.

Also, minors will need to bring "a notarized statement of parental consent for a tattoo with a legal guardian present."

But, yes, the ban has been lifted.

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